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Brainy Bunch Pasir Ris

Preschool Montessori & Play-Based Learning

Montessori Method of Education

A Child-Centered Educational Approach Whereby Each Student Learn At Their Own Pace.

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Blk 273 Pasir Ris St 21 #01-498 Singapore 510273


+65 6385 6744



The Branch Manager

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Principal of Brainy Bunch Pasir Ris

Advanced Dip in Kindergarten Education Teaching
7 years of Teaching Experience

Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education – Leadership
3 years of Leadership Experience

Degree in Syariah
(University Al-Azhar Cairo)

Diploma in Syariah
(KUIZ College)

Individualised / Customised Learning

We offer a ‘Child-centered’ classroom environment

We believe children are unique and have their own capabilities. Therefore, we support children learning and allow them to progress at their own pace.

Maximum Students
Per Class

The school follows the teacherchild ratio guideline as stipulated by our regulatory body (ECDA).

To Learn

Children will be exposed to:
- English Language
- Bahasa Melayu
- Arabic Language
English language is used as the main medium of instructions.

Reading Skills

Children will be introduced to activities that helps them develop reading skills.

Eg: Letter Recognition, Word Blends, Sight Word Recognition, Word Bank.

Life Skills

Life Skills subjects are offered as part of the curriculum: Exercises of Practical Life (motor skills and coordination).

Air-Conditioned Classrooms

Our classrooms are fully airconditioned, equipped with exciting learning tools.

Conducive Environment

All classrooms are equipped with Montessori apparatus to provide children with a wholesome learning experience.

Well-Rounded Students Through S.P.I.C.E

Brainy Bunch prepares children to be well-rounded leaders who are well versed in the areas of Physical, Intellectual, Creative and Emotional development (S.P.I.C.E).

North American Montessori Centre (NAMC) Curriculum

Brainy Bunch adopt NAMC's curriculum which fully embraces Dr Montessori’s works. It has been globally accepted as one of the most effective curricular.

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Learning Environment

Brainy Bunch kindergarten classroom has been designed to be open and child friendly without any obstacles that block the view of the children.
Student learning activities become more self-directed in joyful, organized environments where there is a place for everything, and everything gets put back in its place!


Play-Based & Fun Activities

BrainyBunch aims to help prepare your child in the real world. 
Below are some of the activities:

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Trial Class Only Available for 4, 5 & 6 years old.