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Meet The Group CEO




  • Over a decade ago, my wife and I had a dream to provide children of all ages and backgrounds with a first class, modern education whilst also catering for their identity and upbringing. The Brainy Bunch International Montessori, founded in 2010, marked the beginning to the realisation of that vision.
  • Through sheer dedication and hard work, which began as a modest family-operated kindergarten has gone on to become the first Elementary school and probably the best known International Montessori School franchise in Malaysia.
  • Superior education is the right of every child to enable them to make their way in life. In our schools, our aim is to offer our young boys and girls a sense of identity, coupled with a strong academic grounding. This will prepare them for primary and secondary education and contribution to the wider multicultural world as morally-guided citizens, role models and leaders.
  • Please browse through our website to understand our mission and vision, our standards and work ethics and much more. With innovative facilities, an exceptionally high-quality curriculum, and a carefully prepared environment that will enable us to nurture our children towards making a positive difference today and tomorrow, our journey in creating an Ideal World for all is never-ending.