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Brainy Bunch

Secondary School Events

High School Graduation Ceremony

This is an event to celebrate the achievements of our graduates. The hard work and dedication of both students and teachers alike are given the proper commendation and recognition.  Parents of the graduates are invited to grace this memorable event.


Qiyammullail is organised at least 3 times a year. During this event, students gather together to read the Quran, eat in ‘talam’, and spend the night in school, where they will be woken up at 4 am to perform the Sunnah prayers of Tahajjud, Salat al-Haja and Salat al-Tawbah.  The students will all pray Fajr in congregation before being fetched by their respective parents to go home.

Sports Day

Sports Day is a compulsory event for all students, and it commemorates the need to be physically fit, as laid out in our Strategic Plan. Students participated in all sports event from simple ones like Telematch to more physically demanding ones like Iron Man and Tug-of-War.

Parents’ Conference

Parents’ Conference is a yearly affair that provides a platform for parents to learn more about the operational matters concerning the school, encompassing the academic offerings as well. Besides learning and understanding more about Brainy Bunch, parents use this platform to raise any concerns they have and also to network with other parents and teachers in Brainy Bunch.

Health and Safety Week

This week, students will be exposed to some of the safety precautions in school.  There will be a lot of activities planned for this week. Past events have seen the participation from the Ministry of Health for the administration of recommended immunisations for the 7-year-old students.

Field Trip

As a Montessori school, field trips are divided into two parts. One is related to the subject of study and is usually nearer and smaller in scale.  Another would be an educational trip involving the whole school at all levels. This is usually a whole-day affair and it involves visitation to numerous educational places.

Khatam Quran 

Khatam Quran is normally organised during the holy month of Ramadhan, during the night of Nuzul Al-Quran. Here, all students who have completed their recitation of the 30 Juz of Al-Quran are celebrated and parents are invited to be part of this great event. Usually, Khatam Quran will be followed by Qiyammullail.

Academic Week

This is an exciting week where all academic subjects are ‘made alive’ with numerous related activities, experiments and performances, celebrated by students and subject teachers alike. There will be a lot of prizes awarded for students’ creativity and excellence during this time.

Language Week

We practice 4 languages in Brainy Bunch namely English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Arabic. During this week, activities related to these 4 languages are organised, and students get to display their skills and grasp of all or some of the 4 languages.

Eid-ul-Adha Celebration

Parents, staff and students will join in congregation to perform the sunnah Eid-ul-Adha prayer. They will then proceed with the slaughtering ceremony.  Parents will also have the chance to perform their Qurban obligations. Students will get the chance to experience slaughtering smaller animal like chicken.

Teachers’ Day

 Teachers’ Day is celebrated in May of every year at the school. Teachers and students will have fun playing games and sharing food together while strengthening teachers-students bonding. 

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration

Eid-ul-Fitr celebration is held at the school to promote social and cultural cohesiveness amongst students. This celebration will help the students to learn to appreciate one another and strengthen bonds with their peers and teachers.

Survival Camp

This 2 to 3 days annual camp equips students with the necessary skills and provides experiences that help students build confidence, resilience and responsibility, and aspire to turn them into empowered, inspiring leaders.

Merdeka & Malaysia Day Celebration

This is normally celebrated together. Students will immerse in a patriotic mode with schools decorated with flags, parents will provide food of Malaysian delicacies in the ‘pot-luck’ events, students will come to school wearing clothes in block colours that represent the Malaysian flag and will start their day by marching around the school, singing Merdeka songs along the way.

Market Day

Market Day aims to make the children understand the process of selling and buying to nurture entrepreneurship. They will also learn negotiation skills and basic business skills. It enables students to enhance their knowledge, in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and practise mental Mathematics. Good communication skills and coordination with others are also developed. This is a very fun event where students and parents participate.

Year End Concert

This is usually held on the last day of school and it is a closing event for the school’s calendar year. This is a grand event that highlights the talents of all students, who have been working hard and practise for this magical day at least 3 months prior. All parents will join in to watch and support the performance from their children.